Playing the brain for a change!

MindWorks Psychology Training Testimonials

“Dr. Michas is extremely knowledgeable in the area of brain-based therapy approaches. Her concept of “playing the brain” is powerful, understandable, and useful. I am confident I will be utilizing her Emotional Pain Intervention with clients in the near future. This training has left me with a strong desire to attend more of her offerings in the near future. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insights.”

Debbie Hoeffner, LCSW, Fort Pierce, FL


“The EPI training provided the latest research on neuroscience and provided more understanding about how the brain works and the use of the whole brain.”

Pamela A Earl, LMHC, Venice, FL


“This training was very well researched and informative. It provided a frame-work which I can practically use in working with a wide range of clients. Thank you for rekindling my interest in improving my therapeutic skills.”

Barbara Keown, Ph.D., LPC, Auburn, AL


“I found the EPI conceptual model very useful it helped me integrate things that I learned from various sources over the years. EPI is an excellent roadmap to effective therapy!”

David D. Yaeger, Ph.D., Atlanta, GA


“Amazing, clear, concise presentation easy to follow and use right away.”

Jean Griffis, PhD Montgomery Village, MD


“I love the understanding of how the different parts of the brain work, what activates what, and how to explain thoughts, feelings and sensations, etc. to clients while addressing the bottom brain experientially.”

Naomi Morgan, LMHC, Destin, FL


“I think it’s very helpful to understand the brain-based science behind thoughts, emotions, or feelings when presented in such a clear understandable manner. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us.”

Radford McGrath LMFT, LMHC, NCC 


“I appreciate and I’m excited about the simplicity of the theory of the brain as contrasted with many the past trainings I attended at my school where a speaker was brought in and it was so complicated I was discouraged to use neuroscience in therapy. Dr. Elizabeth Michas’ model is easy-to-understand and practical. I value how it interacts with other interventions. It is “cutting-edge” brain science.”

Diane Monteleone-Mastro, LMHC, NCC, Roswell, GA


“What a fantastic training! It was packed full of useful information and the training venue was comfortable, enjoyable and had the best view of any training I’ve ever attended.”

Rita Young, LMHC, Tampa, FL


“A delightful experience of learning in a supportive environment.”

Timothy J. Aycock PhD, Fayetteville, GA


“Provides an easy to understand framework for helping clients eliminate painful emotions and unwanted behaviors.”

Nathan Kerr, LPC, Dacula, GA


“Really useful information and concrete things to do in practice. The ‘playing the organ’ model of Bottom, Middle, Top-Brain is so clear and easy to explain. It’s a great way to organize how to use brain science to have a whole brain intervention that works. I got so much from the weekend with you. My brain has been updated and reset and I know I am going to be much more effective with clients. I really could go on and on about how valuable your EPI Training is to me. I feel new motivation. Thank you.”

Rebecca L. Blevins, LMHC, New Smyrna Beach, FL


“This training gave me a solid conceptualization framework. I learned about the research that substantiates why the tools I am using work and how to implement them better. I will be doing more of her trainings for sure.”

Jill Baillio, Ph.D., St. Petersburg, FL


“EPI was an exciting opportunity for me to get a better understanding of how my own mind works, learning about myself enables me to be more comfortable in my work with those who come to see me for help.”

Harold Durham, MEd, LPC., Granbury, TX


“Excellent training and a superior presenter! I learned new skills for use in my practice. I highly recommend Dr. Michas. She is warm, inviting, funny, entertaining, but most of all, she is brilliant! Loved the course.”

Lynda Hammond, LPC, Dawson, GA


“The EPI training is an amazing balance of education, opportunity for questions and experience.”

Jean Griffis, Ph.D., MFT, Montgomery Village, MD


Professionally, I must say that I have put what I learned from you to use right away after training, and I am so much more comfortable using hypnosis every day and haven’t had a script in my lap since your class! It was so beneficial and made me much more confident and capable of using RRT and hypnosis effectively. I am so grateful to have found you and hope to be able to join you in your beautiful condo again for training when things slow down a bit for me.

Trish Adams, LCSW, Port Orange, FL



“Dr. Elizabeth Michas is one of those rare presenters that is not only a talented healer but also an inspiring teacher. Her trainings provide therapists with absolute take home skills that can be used immediately in their own practices. With a solid base in the RRT method, Elizabeth brings home the importance of setting the intention of where you want your client to be at the end of a session. She is committed to making sure participants understand the material presented and includes live demonstrations with volunteer attendees. I highly recommend her trainings.”

Wendy E, MSW, LCSW, CRRT. New Orleans, LA


“I first met Elizabeth at an advanced RRT training when she coached and supervised several small groups I was in. She is so knowledgeable about RRT and Hypnosis and is so effective in the way she teaches. She supervised throughout the weekend and we all learned a great deal from her. I was so impressed with Elizabeth that I asked her to supervise me privately. As a teacher, she is patient, clear, and extremely informative. I’ve also had the opportunity to take workshops given by Elizabeth. Her teaching style is clear, easy to understand, relaxed and humorous. I would recommend to everyone, if given the opportunity, to take advantage of Elizabeth’s workshops and trainings.”

Linda W. LCSW, New York, NY


“I have been fortunate enough to train with Dr. Elizabeth Michas several times. She is very patient and kind whilst being informative and helpful. Dr. Michas is very knowledgeable about the work she does. I have had several experiences of training with others who were not so patient and have left me feeling very upset and I have not returned to those trainings. Dr. Michas leaves you feeling competent and excited about working with your clients when you return from training with her. I look forward to my next training with her.”

Tara, LPC St. Charles, Missouri

“I wanted to share with you a training opportunity presented by Dr. Elizabeth Michas. I recently attended this workshop and found it to be one of the best training experiences I have had regarding the treatment of trauma. The best part of the training was gaining a solid understanding of the functioning of the “emotional brain” as well as learning specific interventions to use in working with clients who have experienced trauma. It is an outstanding training opportunity. The best part of the training was learning specific and effective interventions to use in my work. My practice has been revitalized due to the information learned in this training. Please share with your colleagues who might be interested increasing their knowledge and skills in the area of resolving trauma.”

Felicia G., LMHC Fort Walton Beach, FL


“At her training Elizabeth explained most recent findings about the mind’s workings and tied it into Jon Connelly’s training of RRT. Elizabeth has been using and studying with Jon for the past 20 years. She understands the RRT process and can explain how it can be so effective in light of recent findings in brain science. I had many ‘ah ha’ moments (so that’s why it works!) and feel the work I am doing with clients now is more effective and has much better outcomes. I have a better understanding of how to reach my clients and feel better about what I am able to do for/with clients. For me, Elizabeth’s training was instrumental in helping me make the shift from therapist to RRT practitioner. I traveled from Chicago to Florida and it was well worth it to me and my practice. I highly recommend Elizabeth’s training and if you are debating whether you need another training, I say attend this one.”

Lorie J., MS, LCPC, CH, RRT Chicago, IL


“Dr. Michas has created a model that joins the science of the brain with common curative factors in psychotherapy. After training with her I’m confident that I can be effective in eliminating emotional pain.”

Melinda Paige, Ph.D., LMHC, LPC, CPCS, NCC


“The presentation is well organized and fills a much needed gap to understanding the theories that we practice. Love the idea of incorporating this Emotional Pain Intervention (EPI) framework with what we already know.”

Carole Lovell, PsyD, LCSW Cookeville, Tennessee


“With my seven years of advanced training in trauma work, Elizabeth’s presentation The Neuroscience Keys to Transforming Trauma established a clear, research based framework and biological science understanding of the process I have been using all these years.”

Kathleen Gierhart. LMHC, CAP, RTR Gainesville, FL


“Elizabeth solidified the therapy process with her Emotional Pain Intervention(EPI) framework, starting with Jaak Panksepp’s Affective Neuroscience research on emotional networks through combining eclectic therapies to effect transformational brain change. And simplified the necessary psychotherapy factors, utilizing brain science.”

Mae Young. EdS, LPC Memphis, Tennessee


“I am so much clearer as a therapist as what and how to be transformational in my work. Ever since I worked with Elizabeth in a small group experience at an RRT Level 3 training, I have been excited about training with her. She has encouraged, explained and clarified transformational therapy into a useful tangible interventional model that allows me to use all I have learned before to be powerfully effective. I have been to 3 trainings and plan on many more. The location on the beach is amazing and well worth effort.”

Sheila McKeon, MA ,LPC North Carolina