Playing the brain for a change!

Emotional Pain Interventions (EPI®) to Stop Heartbreak: A Brain-Based Coaching/Consultation Teleconference Call

“She understands the RRT process and can explain how it can be so effective in light of recent findings in brain science. I had many ‘ah ha’ moments (so that’s why it works!) and feel the work I am doing with clients now is more effective and has much better outcomes. I have a better understanding of how to reach my clients and feel better about what I am able to do for/with clients. For me, Elizabeth’s training was instrumental in helping me make the shift from therapist to RRT practitioner. I traveled from Chicago to Florida and it was well worth it to me and my practice. I highly recommend Elizabeth’s training and if you are debating whether you need another training, I say attend this one.” – Lorie J., MS, LCPC, CH, RRT

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Fee for the entire teleconference tuition is $697
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EPI® STOP Heartbreak Teleconference

Reinforce learning and clinical application of integrative techniques for engaging the whole brain TOP, MIDDLE, BOTTOM and use of memory reconsolidation Emotional Pain Intervention(EPI®) Brain-Changing Conversation TUNE steps for updating the emotional memories of HEARTBREAK.

Find the right brain-based for change target in the session. See how stopping the Emotional Pain with intervention is done to promote neuroplasticity. Free the primitive-emotional brain systems from automatically responding and instead aim the SEEKING system to beneficial/possible, use the Therapeutic Whole Brain Alliance, CARE and PLAY systems, to turn off FEAR, RAGE, LUST, PANIC-GRIEF systems that are producing emotional pain and heartache.

Learn to use evidenced-based brain science methods, both intentionally and interventionally to play the brain as an organ for transformational change. Review of therapist’s adherence checklist for the keys to include in sessions, to verify and maximize your work with clients.

Teleconference will also provide opportunity to see what others are doing to generate income with an EPI® – STOP Heartbreak niche practice and specific marketing ideas.

“I love the understanding of how the different parts of the brain work, what activates what, and how to explain thoughts, feelings and sensations, etc. to clients while addressing the bottom brain experientially.” – Naomi Morgan, LMHC, Destin, FL

Get new skills! Master the science and art of EPI®.

Reserve Your Spot

Fee for the entire teleconference tuition is $697

Coming  Soon!


Teleconference schedule to be announced. All calls will be recorded so you can review them or listen at your convenience. You may send in your comments and questions to be addressed on the teleconference..

(Recommended for those who have previously attended any MindWorks Psychology Workshop and you will received $100 discount off the $697 tuition cost).  Those who obtain ongoing consultation after taking certification or training courses report greater success.

Who Should Attend The Teleconference?

Everyone is welcome to join in to listen and learn, increase your understanding of how to incorporate neuroscience in the resolution of heartbreak. Dr. Michas will share information from her soon to be released first book in the Brain-Changing Conversations series entitled Lovestuck: The Neuroscience of Heartbreak and Healing.  Check out this convenient, economical offer to either begin or continue to receive ongoing training for using Neuroscience to STOP Heartbreak.  One-on-one Consultation Calls with Dr. Michas run $250/hour making the following offer an over half-price savings.