Playing the brain for a change!

EPI Level 2

Advanced Skill Building for integrating hypnotherapy into your clinical practice. (Basic introductory hypnotherapy is a recommended prerequisite). (6.5 CEUs)

This workshop will build upon skills taught in Day 1 basics course. After learning the neuroscience behind hypnosis for facilitating transformational change this workshop will introduce some common factors research for effective psychotherapy. Next, participants will be acquiring the basic practical skill for reaching emotional brain with coached practice in facilitating connection (with language and paralanguage) and hypnotic induction techniques.

This workshop will also illuminate some of the “magic” of brain and life changing therapies as it relates to clearing traumatic impressions, troubling emotions and trauma-based meanings and/or schemas. This brand new workshop is designed to give practitioners clarity on what to do to optimize transformative breakthroughs in sessions using the new brain science of memory reconsolidation to clear traumatic impressions. Emphasis on the proper use of intentional, multilevel language to connect and effect clients toward accelerated brain-based change. The participants will have opportunity to see and practice the use of activators for self-hypnosis, inductions, and memory reconsolidation to clear a traumatic memory.

This training is for Mental Health professionals only!