Playing the brain for a change!

Dr Michas Professional Consultation Services

Dr. Michas has worked as a consultant for major hospital chains, providing executive coaching and consulting to hospital management, clinical staff, as well as supervising mental health students applying for licensure. She brings her consulting expertise to explaining neuroscience to practitioners.

Brain-Based Professional Consultation Services

  • Connect with clients and go from good to extraordinary sessions using an evidence based, integrative, brain-based psychotherapy approach
  • Learn new ways to work with stuckness; yours, your clients or both!
  • Advance your clinical skills
  • Learn how to build your successful niche practice and market yourself off insurance panels
  • Understand advantages of reaching the whole brain in therapy and being an Emotional Pain Interventionist
  • Conceptualize where emotional brain is stuck and maximize therapeutic breakthroughs
  • Learn specialized techniques to reach the emotional brain
  • Add Emotional Pain Interventions to your tool box
  • FL Board Approved Supervisor for licensure (special arrangements to meet state requirements 490 & 491)
  • Learn more about the neuroscience of power therapies, such as NLP, EFT, RRT, etc.
  • Get your specific questions addressed by a Certified Master Practitioner in Rapid Resolution Therapy®
  • Create a marketing vision for you best niche practice

Telephone Consulting

Consulting services are offered in individual and small group formats at $150 per hour or 5 hours at $625. Payment is collected prior to the session.

To schedule your professional consultation, contact Dr. Elizabeth Michas for a time and we will arrange the specific call time and date. You will then confirm it immediately thereafter with purchase from store or forfeit time we scheduled.  An email reminder of the time will be sent once coaching/consulting product is purchased.

If you’d like to know whether your situation is appropriate for a phone consult, please send a brief description of what you would like help with at If I believe your situation would be better resolved by in-office visits, I’ll let you know.

While I believe phone calls to be confidential, I cannot be certain. Before I begin such sessions, I will send you a form to sign which will give me permission to discuss what may be personal and confidential information with you on the telephone.

Consulting sessions are $150 per hour – Click here to start hourly consulting today
Consulting 5-hour package is $625 – Click here to purchase consulting package

Emotional Pain Interventions to Clear Heartbreak: A Brain-Based Coaching/Consultation Teleconference Call (6 Calls Total)

Check out this convenient, economical offer to continue to receive on-going training for using Neuroscience to End Heartbreak. One-on-one Consultation Calls with Dr. Michas run $150/hour making the following offer an over half-price savings.

Tuition Cost: Teleconference tuition $447. Limited to only 7 participants.

(Recommended for those who have previously attended MindWorks Psychology Clear Heartbreak Workshops or Introduction to EPI who will received $100 discount off $447 tuition cost – PROMOCODE: REPEAT).

EMOTIONAL PAIN INTERVENTIONS to CLEAR HEARTBREAK: A Brain-based Coaching/Consultation Teleconference Call
Those who obtain on-going consultation after taking certification or training courses report greater success. Reinforce your learning and clinical application of integrative techniques for updating the emotional brain after HEARTBREAK. Freeing the SEEKING system to beneficial/possible, using the Therapeutic Brain Alliance, CARE and PLAY systems, to turn off FEAR, RAGE, LUST, PANIC-GRIEF systems that are producing emotional pain and heartache. Learn to use evidenced-based brain science methods, intentionally and interventionally to play the brain as an organ for transformational change. Review of therapist’s adherence checklist for the keys to include in sessions, to check and maximize your work with clients. Teleconference will provide opportunity to see what others are doing to generate income with an EPI®-Clear Heartbreak niche practice and specific marketing plan.

2017 Teleconference Schedule
Teleconference call every Monday at 11 am CST – calls are recorded so you can review them or listen at your convenience. You may send in your comments and questions to be addressed on the teleconference.

First call begins October 30, with calls scheduled for November 6, November 13, November 20, November 27, December 4 (6 weeks).

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